About Portland Queer Film Festival

Sadly, the 2021 Portland Queer Film Festival will not take place as originally scheduled. We are postponing the festival until early 2022. While attending events in theaters has gotten safer, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry are still playing out and we cannot produce a festival of the caliber and quality we hoped to deliver under these circumstances. Currently, we expect the festival to take place in February.

Many other film groups have replaced their in-person events with streaming options. We have chosen not to. When we started this festival (over 25 years ago!) it was to provide a safe space for our community—at time when there were very few options for us—to congregate and openly celebrate who we are and see our lives reflected back to us on the screen. And while our community has grown and there are more spaces for us to be ourselves safely, we still want our event to be IRL, face-to-face, one where we share space and interact.

Until we meet again, stay safe and be well.